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Donate to Orphanages and Old age homes


DOO Initiative stands for Donate to Orphanages and Old age homes Initiative. It is a donation drive where citizens can donate stationery and clothes to the orphanages and old age homes. The initiative is carried out pan India through the regional offices of BVC Logistics and BVC Foundation team works closely with various NGOs towards providing classroom support by making stationery available to school-going children for over two decades. Under the DOO initiative, BVC Foundation works with more than 100 NGOs across India and provides stationery and clothing to the underprivileged children. 
Our initiative witnessed donors from over 30 cities of India donating clothes, stationery and books. Through the DOO initiative, BVC Foundation collected and donated over 30,000 books, 2,70,000 pieces of stationery and over 3 tonnes of clothes, which were donated to 96 orphanages and 10 old age homes in over 20 cities across India. All BVC companies and branches across India participate to make a larger sustainable difference to society. This activity involves the distribution of the collected items all over India.
Mr Uday Chinai believes that "The core goal of BVC Foundation is to facilitate upliftment of the society we live in. Through the DOO initiative, we aim to reach out to underprivileged kids who will be provided with books & stationery materials for their education during the start of the academic year. We are grateful to all the NGOs, the corporate organizations and all the people who donated the items for supporting the cause and being a part of the initiative."



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