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Quite many lives suffer due to non-availability of blood in hospitals and blood banks. As a responsible citizen of the nation, donating blood should be one of the major endeavours on our list of doing something for our fellow citizens. 

The blood donation activity is not a time consuming one and also the blood donated is regenerated in our bodies within a few days without any sort of harm to our immune system and metabolism. There are many organizations and NGOs that initiate blood donation drives and we should willingly contribute to the same. 

The challenge for the health care sector, the government, medical profession and health care provider is to continually explore ways to ensure that the welfare of individual patients remains the utmost primacy and promote health care equity via corporate socially responsible activities. There is an essential need to truly embrace corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethical principles that would promote equal distribution of health care resources. Relevant CSR activities would be achieved by making the most significant health problems in a given society the uppermost priority of healthcare organizations.

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