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BVC LEAD (Leaders Education and Development)

This Project supports students with practical understanding in their areas of interest. We, at BVC Foundation, aim to develop passionate students into leaders through mentorship, internships, and exposure to different industries. Each LEAD Leader (students selected for LEAD) would gain from deeper self-awareness, enhanced communication skills and a broader perspective about each aspect of life.

An annual initiative, with Leader’s of each year gaining from 36 months of interaction. Each Leader would have 3 dedicated mentors for each and at the end of their time with LEAD, would be considered for full-time employment with BVC.


  • Less than 25 years old

  • Ability to self-arrange their stay in Mumbai for 45 days of internship each year

  • Motivated by learning and ambitious



  • Mentorship by a BVC leader

  • Internships in different industries each year, learning about each department in the process

  • Potential international education scholarships & full-time opportunity with BVC

  • Certificates for different achievements

  • Real education can be applied anytime


The P.O.W.E.R. (Provide Opportunities with Educational Reinforcements) Project

This project is intended to Provide Opportunities with Educational Reinforcements. And Education is true, POWER. As it is said, Charity begins at home. The POWER project caters to students from underprivileged households. The POWER project provides educational opportunities to the students whose parents work with BVC. Apart from this, we run a TDP program which develops ingrained talent in students. We offer internships and have long term internship programs that develop the student. We also provide scholarship to bright students of the BVC employees.


One of the flagship initiatives by BVC Foundation is the DOO Initiative (Donation to Orphanages and Old age homes). This initiative was started in 2014 with an aim to reach out to underprivileged children and senior citizens and provide them with clothing and essential stationery. With an initial reach of 5000 children, the DOO Initiative has managed to reach out to over 25,000 children in 2019. The initiative is conducted across 71 cities in India and is the largest initiative by BVC Foundation.

Such an extensive reach is only possible through valuable partnerships. Vamaship, the logistics partner for the initiative lend their full provision to the cause. Under the DOO Initiatives, BVC Foundation currently partners with more than 100 NGOs all over India. The NGOs are the grassroots level partners and mainly help us reach the children and senior citizens through orphanages and old age homes.


We partner with Group Satellite for collection of the deliverables and Vamaship for its Logistics. 

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